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What our Clients Say

At OSHbox, we take great pride in the positive experiences of our clients. Their feedback highlights the dedication and quality we bring to every project. Read below to see how we've made a difference for our clients and the value we provide.

"We have just signed up with OSHbox to implement a thorough H&S system for our businesses. I can highly recommend them, they have been very thorough, quick and friendly, thanks so much team!"

Jacki; Babylon Gardens and Babylon Store

"You guys are Superstars!!"

Kev; KiwiTimber Supplies

"Great team to work with, lovely presonal touches too"

Anne; Petermark Autos

"Super friendly, efficient, easy to understand - thank you so much for making the process so easy and thorough. "

Judith; Upper Atimuri School

"I recently had my Health and Safety manual and procedures, over viewed by Ange and the team at OSHbox.

I was thoroughly impressed. Great value for money"

Karla, Little Dippers

"Being fairly new to the management team, I wasn't entirely certain of my responsibilities for H&S. The company had a fairly comprehensive H&S system, but we knew there were likely to be a few gaps. OSHBox undertook a total review of what we had, filled in all the gaps, and expanded areas where it was required. They fully updated our DropBox folders and presented a full hard copy of the H&S manual. Ange then presented the overview via a Zoom meeting. It was seamless and very professional. It certainly was a pleasure dealing with OSHbox, who are clearly experts in H&S. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services and will certainly be using them in the future."

Bruce; Top Cru Limited

"We love working with Nikki and Ange at OSHbox - they ensure that we're complying with what we need to for H&S - for our clients and more importantly my team. They make the process so simple - and there is always a giggle guaranteed! Love your work team."

Karen; KAZ Design

"The staff at OSHbox are super efficient and knowledgeable, guiding our business to be the safest we can be. Ange offered examples of issues arising for other businesses that alert us to ensure we are covering all aspects our business needs to keep staff and visitors safe. All the paperwork seems easier to work through, with help from this team. Highly recommend OSHBox".

Elizabeth; Fleet Fix Ltd

"Ange and her team have been upfront since our first correspondence. They keep it real and they make every thing so user friendly. I am so pleased with the Health & Safety Systems we have for both National Park Shuttles and Manowhenua Lodge. The OSHbox team are very professional and never make you feel incompetent. Their people skills go beyond awesome. Thank you Ange and big thank you to Nikki. You both rock!"

Tracey; National Park Shuttles & Manowhenua Lodge

"The team at Oshbox are an absolute pleasure to deal with - they put a positive and fun spin on H&S, leaving you confident, laughing and happy - which not many H&S businesses can claim to do! Thanks to the structure and support they have given my organisation we can confidently provide a safe and supportive learning environment for all staff, students and whānau which means the world to us. Thank you OSHbox!".

Elena; The Rauhī Project

"We are a small business in the automotive industry that had barely any H&S system in place, and what we did have, was outdated and bare boned. In 2016 when the new H&S legislation rolled out we partnered with OSHBOX to get our company compliant and it's been worth every penny! I cant say enough good things about OSHBOX! Their systems and procedures are easy to understand and follow, their staff are knowledgeable, friendly, trustworthy and always ready to go above and beyond to help you, your business & your employees. Ange and her team at OSHBOX make the tedious & daunting task of H&S easy to follow and even easier to maintain. Anyone not using this team and their services are just plain bananas"!

Steph; A VERY happy and NOT stressed OSH Rep & OSHBOX Client :)

"Ange has been brilliant going above and beyond to help me out, combinations And follow up from the girls in the office has been out standing, top notch!"

Pete; Bax Contractors

"The OSHbox team are epic. They are professional yet very personable and very real. They give you everything you need and add value to your business by knowing that you have your T's crossed and i's dotted when it comes to health and safety. Having OSHbox on our team has enabled us to secure big partnerships through being able to provide Health and Safety Policies and practices on demand without a fuss. That's important to most large companies and would be a deal breaker for a partnership if we didn't have that focus. Thanks OSHbox".

Thomas Nabbs; The Waterboy

"Ange and Nikki have been amazing to deal with, nothing is a problem... any questions asked are answered straight away!

They keep on my case (as I had mentioned to them, this may need to be done)! They have given set up tools to help us be on top of our H&S game. I would recommend OSHbox to anyone! Even the answer choices on this survey are on point :)

C; Collins Automotive

"I was contacted by Angie (the Boss) firstly: Very knowledgeable but not pushy in offering her services etc, was willing to wait for me to comeback to her after some thought without imposing her suggestions of further conversation untill I was ready. All in all very happy with the way her team communicates and does business with an ethical standard we all expect. I would highly recommend OSHbox and its team".

Bryce; Enviro Roof Control

"An absolutely spot on business. Very helpful and quick to meet the Health & Safety needs of my business and so easy to work with and understand. Recommend these girls to everyone".

Lisa; En Point Dance Studio

"Health and Safety had always been a hard task to keep up to date along with the running of a busy business, but since we have taken on OSHbox they have taken all the hard work out and made Health and Safety not just easier to understand and keep up to date but an interesting task that we all get to work on together as a team".

Tina; Kaitaia Tractors Ltd

We have dealt with Ange and Kathryn over the years we have used OSHbox and they are super easy to work with! If you have any questions or are needing a complete revamp of your H & S System they are the girls to call!

Rachel, Cochester Engineering

"We engaged Ange from OSHbox over a year ago. Although an established Company, we needed help setting up our H&S systems to be compliant with current legislation. Ange was such an amazing help to us. Her advice, support and direction was just what we needed. Ange is supported by a knowledgeable team with Kathryn recently undertaking our annual review. OSHbox is always there when we need them, offering practical solutions for engagement in H&S, we look forward to a long lasting relationship".

Rae, Lakeland Steel

"Ange from Oshbox has been awesome for our business and has set us on the straight and narrow when it comes to our Health and Safety. It has been a hard row to hoe after being in business for over 30 years but we are getting there and we feel a lot safer in our working environment now. Thanks OSHbox!"

Anne, Petermark Automotive

"We have used OSHbox for some time now and can highly recommend. Their input and H & S system gives us business muscle whilst saving the company owners and staff time. We have been able to secure work, just because we have their system. Regular updates and Toolbox talk topics mean its not the usual "yearly safety check" and then forget it, its way better than that!"

Andy; Automatic Door Services

"Ange and the team are providing a ruthlessly efficient and valuable service with maximum ease of establishment and implementation. They've saved me hours bodging together my own H&S docs and theirs cover everything I could possibly need. Even better, they stick around to support your implementation don't just disappear. I HIGHLY recommend them to save boundless time and hassle.".

Tami; St Marks Development No. 2 Ltd

"You are an awesome team who have a unique and wonderful way of making something quite scary very manageable. I love how informal you are about something so serious. You are all a breath of fresh air!"

Belinda; Belham Interiors

"OSHbox came along at the right time We knew we were not fulfilling our H&S requirements, but just didn't know where to start. Ange and her team were so proactive and helpful, and now we feel so much more on top of things. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend OSHbox to small businesses like ours".

Amy H; Four Walls Architects

"Absolute excellent training! Great communication! Not only extremely professional, but there is also a great sense of humour during all interactions".

Iggy; Dance Central

"Great company to work with and love getting the positive vibes back when checking to make sure that things are signed off and covered appropriately for our business. H&S should be something that workers should feel involved and included in. This makes it possible to have a H&S environment that staff want to be a part of. OSHbox staff are helpful, friendly and approachable, which makes my job easier as the H&S representative for my colleagues".

Wendy; Camfil NZ Ltd

"I am extremely grateful! As a busy principal, I would NEVER have been able to climb the H&S mountain on my own. This has made it clear cut, easy to understand and systematic.


Shevaun; Hawera Primary School

"Angie and Nikki at OSHbox are the most amazing team! They sorted our business Health and Safety system so quickly, so thoroughly, with expertise standard of care, teaching, and follow up. They are so kind and love to help. I would recommend OSHbox to EVERYONE! Can't speak highly enough of the entire experience, thank you Angie and Nikki."

Emma B; Four B's Cutting Limited

"Nikki helped us with our recent SiteWise application, and her service was some of the best I have ever received. She is so extremely helpful and knowledgeable and helped us beyond the call of duty. I can't rate her enough! So extremely thankful for making a process that I had to do for the first time so much easier.."

Rebecca; ZB Homes

"Angie & her team have made health and safety, for us, very easy, understandable and most importantly, achievable"

Diane, Treeline Native Nursery


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