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Health & Safety solutions for your business.

Discover how OSHbox can simplify and enhance your workplace safety with customised services designed to fit your unique needs and budget.

At OSHbox, we understand that every business has unique health and safety requirements. That's why we offer flexible services that allow you to use us as much or as little as you need. We don’t lock you into set packages or make you pay for documents you won’t use, nor do we require any monthly subscriptions.

During a free consultation phone call, we take the time to understand your current business operations and your future goals. We review any existing documents you have and recommend only what you need to keep your workplace health and safety system simple and affordable.

We work with all industries from the solo contractor to multi-franchised corporations.  With OSHbox, you get tailored support that fits your specific needs and budget.

H&S System

Most businesses need to start with a 'System'. A system is all your  health and safety documents put together.

What's included in system?

Depending on what your business requires, your system will include all base documents that are necessary to ensure full compliance. All documents  will be branded with your logo and provided to you as editable files using Word for editing and further customisation by you.  

  • Manual

  • Policies

  • Vehicle, Plant and Equipment Checklists for Inspections, Maintenance, Pre-start, Operator Competence

  • Registers and Inventories to keep track of Hazardous Substances, Safety Data Sheets (SDS's) Employee Training, Employee details, PPE, First Aid Contents etc

  • Safe Operating Procedure (SOP's) Templates

  • Job Specific Analyses (JSA's) Templates

  • Bespoke documentation

  • Hazard Risk Register (Draft) Pre-populated with identified hazards,  risks and associated controls for you to review and risk score using our matrix

  • Templates to support your H&S facilitator such as Annual Planner, Emergency Procedures

  • Record keeping forms such as meeting minutes and incident reporting

  • Incident, injury , near-miss and illness forms to cover all stages of reporting and investigation

Forms & Checklists

We have an extensive library of templates that cover all bases of your business - people to plant. Inspection prestart and maintenance checklists to onboarding new employees or recording competence  assessments. Record keeping documents such as Toolbox Talk Meeting Minutes to Incident Investigation, all designed to ensure evidence of compliance and peace of mind. Templates for developing task specific documents  such as JSA's and SOP's, and registers to keep track of visitors, PPE, First Aid Kit Contents to name just a few. 

Inspection, Pre-start & Maintenance Checklists

Keep your equipment and facilities in top condition with regular, documented checks.

Contractor Management

Manage all of your contractors prequalification’s and inductions with checklists and a register to keep track of contractor details.

Toolbox Talk Record Forms

Document and manage your toolbox talks efficiently to ensure all team members are informed and engaged.

Management Reporting

Gain insights into your operations with management reporting tools such as the Event Register for a 'snap shot’ of incidents, near misses and injuries, management meeting agendas and board reports.

Incident & Event Record and Reporting

Streamline the recording, investigating and reporting of incidents and events. Ensure timely and accurate documentation to improve workplace safety and compliance.

Bullying, Sexual Harassment, and Unreasonable Behavior Forms

Address, document and manage cases of bullying, sexual harassment, and unreasonable behavior to maintain a safe and respectful work environment.

Employment Forms

Simplify your hiring process with comprehensive employment forms. From initial applications to onboarding, you have the tools necessary to ensure documentation is completed efficiently.

Hazardous Substances Management

Manage hazardous substances safely and effectively. Keep track of substances, ensure proper storage, and comply with safety regulations.

Training & Competency Record Forms

Track employee training and competencies. Maintain up-to-date records to ensure your team has the necessary skills and qualifications.

Equipment & PPE Registers

Keep detailed records of your equipment maintenance records and personal protective equipment (PPE). Ensure everything is accounted for and maintained properly.

Event Management

Plan and execute events with precision. Our tools help you manage every aspect of event planning, from logistics to attendee coordination.

Customised Hazard Risk Register

Create and manage a customised hazard risk register. Identify, assess, and mitigate risks specific to your operations.

Specialty Templates for Emergency Management, JSA's, SSSP, RAM, High Risk Tasks Management

Utilise specialty templates for a variety of critical tasks. Ensure preparedness and compliance with emergency management, job safety analyses (JSA), site-specific safety plans (SSSP), risk assessment (RAM), and high-risk task management.

Induction Checklists

Conduct thorough inductions with ease. Use our checklists to ensure all new employees, contractors and visitors are properly introduced to your workplace and procedures.

Policy & Procedure

Develop robust policies and procedures with OSHbox. From health and safety manuals to specialised policies on driving, lock-out procedures, and environmental management, we provide the essential frameworks to ensure your workplace operates smoothly and in compliance with all regulations.

H&S Manual

Comprehensive Health and Safety Manual. Provide your team with a detailed guide on health and safety practices, policies, and procedures that you can edit as required.

Commitment Statement (H&S Policy)

Demonstrate your commitment to health and safety. Our commitment statement outlines your dedication to creating a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.


Simplify the management of work permits. Ensure all necessary permits are obtained and documented to comply with regulatory requirements and safety standards.

Policy Drafting

We create policies for all aspects of workplace health & safety such as driving, lock-out procedures, and environmental management to address unique operational risks and requirements which you can edit if required to align with your obligations outlined in any employee or contractor contracts.

Bespoke Policy & Procedure Drafting

We can develop bespoke policies and supporting documents for specific needs at your request

Expert Consultancy & Advice

Our knowledgeable consultants are here to help with a friendly, approachable attitude, ensuring you feel comfortable to ask any question—there are no stupid questions here! We're committed to providing you with the guidance you need to navigate any health & safety concerns effectively.

Audit Preparation & Post-Audit Assistance

Prepare for audits with confidence. Receive expert guidance before the audit and support to address any findings afterward.

Incident Prevention and Post-Event Management

Proactively prevent incidents and manage post-event responses. Implement strategies to reduce risks and effectively handle incidents if they occur.

Policy and Procedure Drafting

Develop comprehensive policies and procedures. Ensure your organisation operates smoothly and in compliance with all regulations.

Prequalification Accreditation Assistance

Streamline the prequalification process. Get assistance with obtaining necessary accreditations to meet industry standards and requirements.

On-Site Inspections

Ensure compliance and safety with on-site inspections. Our experts provide thorough assessments to identify and address potential issues.

Online Training

Empower your team with online meetings; a great tool for efficient time management that keep costs low.   One-on-one meetings to small groups can be arranged to enhance skills and knowledge or for guidance on implementing procedures.

Document & Procedures Review & Reports

Conduct thorough reviews of your documents and procedures. Receive detailed reports with action plans and recommendations for improvement.

Form Building

Create customised forms to meet your specific needs. Streamline data collection and record-keeping with tailored form solutions.

Hazard Risk Guidance

Receive expert guidance on hazard risk management. Identify, assess, and mitigate risks to ensure a safer work environment.

Health focus

Its not all about safety anymore. Health is just as important as safety in the workplace. That's why we offer a range of services designed to promote the overall well-being of your employees.

Stress Management

Address workplace stress with comprehensive policies. Implement strategies to manage and reduce stress, promoting a healthier work environment.

Fatigue Management

Ensure your team stays alert and productive. Develop policies to manage fatigue, ensuring employees get adequate rest and maintain high performance levels.

Health Monitoring

Track and record employee health monitoring. Maintain detailed registers to ensure ongoing health and well-being of your workforce.

Home Office Setup Checklists

Create a safe and ergonomic home office environment. Use our checklists to set up home offices that support employee health and productivity.

Working Alone

Ensure the safety and well-being of employees working alone. Implement checklists to monitor and support employees in isolated work situations.

Bullying and Harassment Forms

Address workplace bullying and harassment proactively. Utilise our forms to document and manage incidents, fostering a respectful and safe workplace.

Additional Support

Content Writing

Enhance your H&S communications with compelling and effective content for your newsletters, toolbox talks, web inserts or other business needs.

Assistance with Software Implementation

Streamline your transition to new software. We have a dedicated expert available* as support to ensure smooth and successful software implementation.  
*Hourly rates apply

Prequal. Assistance

Streamline your prequalification process with our comprehensive support.

From a little to a lot.

From full application assistance to resubmission help.  We understand the pressures of running a business and the challenges of time and budget constraints, so we work with you to discuss the help you need and budget first, ensuring your funds are allocated in the right direction; whether you need a complete system of documentation or just a few extra documents to fill in the gaps, we work with what you require.

Industry-Specific Experts

We have aligned ourselves to support you with specialised experts to ensure safety and compliance in your operations.

Access a network of industry-specific experts for specialised requirments.

  • First Aid Training

  • Drug  & Alcohol Testing

  • Electrical test and tag

  • Human resources

  • Hazardous Substances Management

  • Evacuation Plans and management

  • High-risk Work Management

  • Health Monitoring

  • Building Inspections (including asbestos)

  • Customised Signage

  • H&S Software 


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