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We create Health & Safety sytems.

For any size business, in every industry.

Simple, affordable & easy to manage.

So you actually only pay for what you need.

Creating and implementing a health and safety system can be confusing and time consuming. It can be difficult to find all the requirements and guidelines. 

We know this because we have had a decades worth of experience developing systems for businesses just like yours to ensure the you are complying with the most up to date laws and regulations and so that you and your team get home safe.

We create systems that are customised to the work you do and the size of your company. We tailor it to your business or organization & we’ve set the pricing to mirror this. We keep it simple, so that using the system is manageable.

Health & Safety systems, policies, pre-qualification assistance, advice, and more.

Every week we hear from people wanting to know what Health and Safety policies and procedures, they need to have in place and where to start.  We call it a 'system', where everything you need is put together - policies, checklists, application forms, safety operating procedures etc.

Those same people have three other requirements:

Our mission: 'Making Safety Simple'.

"At OSHbox, we're all about 'making safety simple.'

We're loyal to our mission, ourselves, and you - our awesome clients. We're big on integrity and always 'do the right thing.' We keep things light and fun, because who says health and safety can't be engaging? We're always putting ourselves in your shoes, understanding your unique needs, and constantly innovating to give you top-notch safety solutions.

So come on board with OSHbox, where safety's simple and we're making workplaces safer, together".            Angie Williams  Director

Our vision is to show New Zealand businesses that implementing and running a workplace safety system can actually be really simple and affordable. In the long-run it could not only save you money, but also save your employees and colleagues from injury. 

Our promise – we’ll show you how easy it can actually be.

What's next?

Just some of the industries we have worked with.

Adventure Tourism
Beauty & Hair
Event Management
Film and TV 
Funeral Directors/Undertakers Garden Nurseries 
Garden & Landscaping 
Glass and Glazing
Education & ChildcareEngineering  
Graphic Design
Health & Well-being Heavy Transport  
Hire Centres  Hospitality  
Locksmiths  Manufacturers  Marine  
Meat Processing
Property Management
Real Estate
Sign Writing
Sport and Recreation
Tourism Attractions, Activities & Accommodation
Waste Management

Find out more.

Why OSHbox?

We're more than just a Health & Safety company.

We're a team. A culture. We become each other's people. 

We take pride in our work and in keeping you safe.  We're passionate about ensuring your business is protected and that you and your people get home safely each night.  

Don't just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say.


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