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Isolation: Working Remotely

Distance is no excuse to drop the ball.

With your team working from various locations, managing regular toolbox meetings, projects and documents has created some breakdowns in processes and communication.  If you haven't already, its time to embrace technology!

We've popped in some handy tools we have used to keep OSHbox running smoothly.

Shared To-do Lists Online
As you know, it can take many hands to complete a task for a customer or client. We use an online tool called Trello to manage our workload, but there are various online tools that are similar to manage the teams tasks online. You can assign tasks with to-do lists to various team members, due dates, and can be dragged and dropped from team member to team member as you work through your work process. The whole team can see where the project or job card is at and what needs to be done at any given time. 

Keep up Communication
Emails and SMS are great, but its hard to know if your messages have been communicated.  We encourage the use of a group chat like Messenger or Whatsapp to discuss topics that would usually be discussed in a TB meeting.  Have the team 'like' messages for evidence they have acknowledged them.  These apps are a great tool to keep up daily conversations, allowing for ongoing engagement and participation from the whole team.

Shared Files
OneDrive, Google Docs, Dropbox are a few of the shared files that can be handy to ensure the team have access to all documents and content whilst working remotely.

Online Checklists
Creating checklists that can be used on devices or using cloud based apps to manage H&S ensures nothing gets missed. Reminders can be set up and actions to be complete at job sites ensures there are no excuses for not filling in your H&S paperwork. We have several good suggestions depending on your industry. Get in touch for more info.


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