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The myth behind Test and Tag

Can you avoid testing and tagging appliances and leads, if you use RCD's?

We posed this question to Richard Rousseau from Fire & Safety Testing NZ, here is what he had to say:

"It makes absolutely no sense that testing an RCD would automatically ensure that any appliance plugged into, or powered from said RCD would be safe to use. 

The only way that any appliance could be cleared for safe use is by performing a physical visual test, and then running a sequence of electrical tests to check for insulation resistance, earth resistance, and conductor continuity, amongst others.

That being said, the only way to perform such tests is with correctly calibrated equipment that is fit to perform these tasks, and provide proof that correct, safe readings have been obtained. 

Nowhere in the regulations is there mention that goods connected to an RCD need not be tested and deemed safe for use.

The new Fire Regulations also make mention of this, and the HSAW Act states that a safe work environment be provided and maintained. Part of this is that the appliances are regularly tested and tagged, because that is the only way to ensure that they are safe to use."

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