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Safe Operating Procedures

Terms of Purchase and Responsibilities

At all times, the Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) Template shall remain copyright to OSHbox Ltd.

As the right of purchase, OSHbox Ltd provide the Purchaser with permission to amend and to change the SOPs Template to fit the unique needs of their type of tool/machinery and the use of that tool/machinery.

The Purchaser is prohibited from on-selling or copying for the distribution to any other party.

Responsibilities of the Purchaser

While OSHbox Ltd has endeavoured to create the SOP Template information in good faith and as accurately as possible, these are only basic templates and it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to review, amend and/or customize the information to suit their tool/machinery and business operations. This includes and is not limited to any safety, quality, legislation, regulations, standards or codes of practice that are associated with their business.

As the SOPs are supplied as open source documents for amendment to the Purchaser’s business, we suggest that the Purchaser:

1. include their company logo;

2. secure the SOP as a read only document so it is a controlled document;

3. include photos of specific machinery, equipment or actions;

4. encourage workers to be involved in the creation of the SOP;

5. ensure all workers are trained on the SOP;

6. set regular reviews of the SOP on an ongoing basis.

Indemnity Statement

OSHbox Ltd takes no responsibility for the use or application of the SOP in the Purchaser’s business or any other associated business or third party for any financial, other loss, claim, injury or other incidents due to the use of the original or amended SOP following purchase.


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