Lift Smart body Harness




Its never been easier to work harder.

Liftsmart’s innovative design helps you to adopt the correct posture and carry loads more easily and efficiently. The design of the harness and platform ensures the load is carried close to the body, lessening the compression forces on the spine.  The unique design supports the load, and unlocks the power held in your hips, shoulders, and legs to make transportation of goods safer and easier.

Liftsmart has the potential to become an indispensable industry standard in the workplace. It makes work safer by reducing strain on the body while carrying loads. What’s more, Liftsmart frees up the hands to interact with the surrounding environment, which has irrefutable safety benefits.

Maintaining contact with handrails while carrying loads up and down stairs, opening doors without precariously balancing loads on your knee, and safely using ladders while maintaining three points of contact. Liftsmart has the potential to revolutionise the workplace by making single person carrying of heavy objects far easier and safer.

Liftsmart has huge benefits for health and safety within industries such as construction, warehousing and logistics, stone masonry and bricklaying, farming and many, many more.

Reduce Injuries. Revolutionise workplace health & safety.

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