Commercial Roofing Kit - Kernmantle Rope



The commercial roofing kit was designed for professional tradesmen who need safe, temporary access to roof tops.

It has 30 meters of kernmantle rope to allow for greater flexibility and more applications. The sewn end is anchored to a suitable point on the opposite side of the roof to where the work is done. A robust steel rope grab keeps the user attached to the rope.
There is no need for a shock block due to the kernmantle rope having sufficient stretch to reduce the fall force. The kit is designed to be used in restraint and the fall distance must be kept below 600mm.
Rope and Rope Grab combinations are certified to AS/NZS 1891.3.
Kit Contents:
1 x 30 meters of 11mm kernmantle rope with 1 x sewn eye loop and 1 x stop knot (SKR11/30-SELSK)
1 x RG012 rope grab
2 x MC001 carabiner
1 x HS807-10 1 metre 20mm Webbing Endless Round Sling
1 x HS807-20 2 metre 20mm Webbing Endless Round Sling
1 x SBE9 Full body harness
1 x 50m rope bag (BAGKITBL)

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