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We write customised Health and Safety Systems...for any size business...in every industry...

Creating and implementing a health and safety system can be confusing and time consuming. 

It can be difficult to find all the requirements and guidelines. We know this because it took us months to develop just our basic system!

Our Solutions

We know one solution doesn't work for everyone so we've created a few solutions which are simple, effective and affordable.

There is no need for giant wordy generic manuals (which we see every day sitting in dark corners of offices gathering dust), there is also no need for 101 forms to fill out...ain't no one got time for that!

Choose your customised system from: 

  • Paper Based (receive a hard copy folder as well as the editable electronic documents) 
  • Cloud Based (run your system purely online) 
  • Combo (receive a hard copy folder for your office, but manage the system online)

oshbox health and safety client welding in an engineering workshop

What’s the first step?

After chatting with us, we can easily help guide you towards the solution that would be best for you…OR…we could even update your current system.

During your free consultation we learn about what you do, the size of your business, the people you work with, the environments you are in, the equipment you use etc – that way we can weed out the stuff you don’t need and concentrate on what you do.

Book in your free consultation below...

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Who else do we work with?

We have written systems and worked with almost every industry...here is just a small handful of examples...

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