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What happens under 'Phase 2'.

Let's break it down quickly.

From midnight tonight, NZ will be moving to Phase 2 of the Red Level. To quote Jacinda, "What this looks like":

In Phase 2 rapid antigen testing (RATs) may be used more widely, there will be shorter isolation times, and digital communication with close contacts or contacts comes into play.

Isolation period for cases is reduced to 10 days and contacts to seven days.

Anyone who tests positive for the virus under Phase 2 will be notified by text message and be directed to an online self-investigation tool which will focus on high risk exposures.

Household contacts will be managed by contact tracing services, with close contacts requiring a PCR test on day five.

Information will be provided via email and phone based interviews will still take place where it’s required.

Healthcare and critical workers will be able to ‘test to return’ - if they are an asymptomatic close contact they can go back to work after returning a negative RAT test. For workers who are part of this scheme, they will be able to go to a local health provider, like a vaccination centre, to get a pack of 10 RATs

As for how long the country could remain in Phase 2, it is likely to be in place while New Zealand is seeing up to 5000 cases a day.

Information on RATs for businesses: 

Rapid antigen testing | Ministry of Health NZ

RAT Guidance PDF


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