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Toolbox Topic: A quick guide to PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Employers need to provide any PPE required as a minimisation control measure for a Hazard/Risk (unless another PCBU has already provided). If a Worker genuinely and voluntarily chooses to provide their own for comfort or convenience that would be acceptable as long as you are satisfied the PPE is of the standard set below. Where this is the case, the Worker may give you reasonable notice if they choose to be provided with the PPE instead.

PPE must be suitable for the nature of the work and hazard, comfortable and a suitable size and fit for the Worker. You as an Employer will also need to ensure it is maintained, repaired or replaced to ensure it is:

  • Clean and Hygienic
  • In good working order
  • Used or Worn by the Worker
  • Compatible with other PPE

Every Employer needs to ensure their Workers are provided with the appropriate information, training and instruction on proper use, wearing, storage and maintenance of Personal Protective Equipment.

When provided with PPE (or if the Worker chooses to provide their own), the Worker must use or wear it as informed, trained and instructed. The Worker must not intentionally misuse or damage the equipment and must inform us of any damage, defect, need to clean or decontaminate that they become aware of.

All Personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing supplied by the company must be recorded in a PPE Register which will contain details of:

  • PPE and safety clothing that is issued
  • PPE training that may be required
  • Date that PPE and safety clothing is issued or replaced


This month, get all Worker’s to bring in their PPE gear to be checked and recorded. You will be surprised at what might need to be cleaned or replaced


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